Why Icynene?

Icynene is Healthier

Icynene insulation is recognized across America for contributing to improved indoor air quality. Indoor air can contain a number of harmful chemicals such as mold, allergens and organic compounds.

Reasons to choose Icynene®:

Icynene® spray foam insulation creates a superior air-seal, effectively minimizing air leakage to deliver advanced moisture control, healthy air, and energy savings of up to 50%.

Is flame retardant - contributes no fuel in the event of a fire. Prevents condensation, thus eliminating the breeding ground for mold and mildew.

As an air barrier, Icynene® minimizes the intrusion of outdoor allergens, odors and pollutants and works with proper mechanical ventilation to let occupants control the quality of air they breathe.

Icynene® is 100% water-blown and does not produce harmful emissions that can compromise indoor air quality and diminish the insulation's rated R-value. 


Icynene® helps buildings qualify for Green Building Programs such as LEED and the NGBS (National Green Building Standard).

Icynene is Quieter

Icynene® soft foam insulation is a proven product to air seal and reduce unwanted noise. by expanding to 100 times its volume, Icynene® fills holes, gaps, and cracks through which sound penetrates.

Icynene's® unique air sealing qualities can help reduce the amount of airborne sound penetrating your home.

The Icynene foam insulation is an effective barrier to airborne sounds. Its superior fit makes it an ideal sound proofing system, reducing airborne sound transfer through the roof, floor and walls. Outside noises such as road noise, road traffic, aircraft and trains stay outside. Inside, there are far fewer complaints about next door or next door noises.

Icynene® foam insulation is also ideal for specialty applications such as soundproofing the interior walls of your home theater room, home media room, powder rooms, master bedroom, laundry rooms, or in plumbing walls to reduce the sound of water rushing to drainage below.


 Energy Efficient

Icynene is More Energy Efficient

Icynene® pays for itself in energy savings! Icynene can potentially reduce air infiltration by more than 90% with just the application alone. In one step, it creates a complete insulation and air barrier to seal all gaps that compromise air efficiency. Icynene® buildings routinely perform 30-50% better than traditional insulation materials.

Creating an air barrier with Icynene® spray foam is the smart solution for those concerned about energy efficiency or those tired of their cooling systems not keeping pace with the heat.

The Icynene Foam Insulation System® virtually eliminates the largest source of energy loss in the average home - the 30 to 40% typically lost through air leakage. To compensate for the air that leaks out, HVAC professionals are forced to put in larger units which cost more to install and operate.

Bottom line is that heating and cooling an Icynene® foam insulation home typically costs 30-50% less than your average home. You'll feel more comfortable during the hottest summer or the coldest winter.

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